As an organic farmer in Chatham County, I have a daily connection with our water and soil.  My livelihood depends upon good stewardship of our natural resources.  As commissioner, I will commit to protecting our rural character and safeguarding our water.  Each and every community in Chatham County can appreciate our surroundings while preserving our counties landscape and habitat.


57% of Chatham County workers commute outside of the county.  It is imperative that we find ways to bring diversified employment to our communities.  Jobs are being created through agriculture as our small farm numbers increase due to demand for local and organic products. We must see that this continues and that our property rights allow for small business ventures.  Securing companies for the Chatham County mega sites is important as they will offer employment opportunities of various skill levels while increasing our tax revenue.  As one of the fastest growing counties in the State, we are challenged to manage that growth in such a way to attract business while protecting our rural character and farms.


It is important that diverse educational opportunities are available to students at all levels. 

We must be mindful that the quality of life is directly affected by the types of education Chatham County can provide as well as our job opportunities and the environment in which we live.